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Knitting WIPs and FOs

This looks a bit anticlimactic, doesn't it? I promise, it'll get more interesting. Eventually this is going to turn into a sock. I swear.Specifically, it's going to become the mate to the sock below that I made a couple of months ago, then walked away from so I could finish other stuff that needed to… Continue reading Knitting WIPs and FOs


Current Projects and a Finished Object

I would like to say that I missed Friday's blog post because I was busy doing exciting things, but the truth is, I was catching up on sleep. Bast has spent every waking moment trying to get out either the front or back door, convinced he can find his sister. As they are a bonded… Continue reading Current Projects and a Finished Object


Works in Progress

Not much knitting has happened of late. I've been having a lot of hand/wrist pain lately due to a dislocated thumb, so I'm working a lot slower than usual.  I'm not quite sure what yarn this is--I seem to have misplaced the ball band. I'm also improvising on the pattern, which is toe up with an… Continue reading Works in Progress


What’s Next?

Just stopping by real quick with an update. We're getting into the busy season--for me, anyway--what with the museum, and edits, and car shows, and family gatherings. Just last weekend I was up at my grandma's, visiting with some family from Canada that I haven't seen in about five years, and I'm already booked pretty… Continue reading What’s Next?


Works in Progress

I feel like I've been less than productive of late. I've started several projects, but none of them are coming along quite as well--I should say, as fast--as I had hoped. I don't know how I feel about these socks. I like the yarn. I'm having trouble trusting the pattern, though. It just doesn't look… Continue reading Works in Progress


Current Projects & Finished Objects

Just a few things to show this week. One FO that I forgot last time, and a few things that I have on the needles right now. This is Winifred. She is one of the few examples of projects that I have knit completely from a pattern with no alterations. The pattern is "Fruit Bat"… Continue reading Current Projects & Finished Objects


The Yarny Bits

Projects finished: 4 washcloths and a headband Nothing terribly earth shattering. I've got a couple of ongoing projects: The village socks. The village season is pretty much over, but I've still got a foot  and heel to finish. I'm also swatching for a shrug. I started out really excited for this project, but now I'm… Continue reading The Yarny Bits



Hey look, I've been knitting. To your right, you see my travel project, an entrelac scarf made from my handspun (the fiber came from Lunabudknits over on Etsy, her turquoise colorway). I love the pattern, which is by Allison LoCicero. This is actually the second time I've knit the pattern, but the first time it… Continue reading Knitting


Oh Canada Part Deux

Do you know what this image represents? Well, it's several things: the Canadian Flag, obviously. The flag I dibbed for the Peace Project, secondly (of course, I'll be doing the leftovers, but this was the one I really wanted to do). Mostly, though, it represents seven hours of my life. That little bit of fabric--eight… Continue reading Oh Canada Part Deux


Will Knit for Vampire Lover

Unfortunate American female (20) seeks Canadian husband to gain citizenship. Will provide hand-knit garments in exchange. Need not be heterosexual. Resemblance to Kyle Schmid not mandatory, but a definite bonus. Being Kyle Schmid is guaranteed acceptance. Fangirl much? Nah. Don't know what you're talking about. Hm. I haven't talked about my knitting lately, have I?… Continue reading Will Knit for Vampire Lover