Pass, Fail, Promise: Period Drama

While I've mostly been avoiding television because of Nano, I did take a break to watch a few things on Netflix this week. Shockingly, all were period dramas from different countries. Pass: Populaire Country of Origin: France Rating: A- Okay, so we're talking about a French movie set in 1959 that centers around typewriters? Yep,… Continue reading Pass, Fail, Promise: Period Drama


Make up work

I've been sick for the last few days. Spent all day yesterday laying in bed marathoning 10 Things I Hate about You (movie and tv series). Today I woke up feeling wonderful, considering it was the first night out of the last four that I managed to actually sleep. Have you seen a show called… Continue reading Make up work


Two Down

Well, it's the third and I've got two books knocked off my list. Just 66 more to go, according to my shelfari profile. Well, actually, only 50 for this year, but I've got more than that on my "I want to read this eventually" list. The first book of the new year was Hex Marks… Continue reading Two Down


Christmas in July

Sheesh, I've really been slacking off on this whole writing thing. I swear, everything sort of came together today. For the last few months (okay, maybe a year or two. Or three), I've been wanting to get a new TV. The one I had was a cheap off brand I got when I turned sixteen.… Continue reading Christmas in July


Here, there, everywhere.

I feel like I'm wasting space, because there really hasn't been much going on lately. I picked up the knitting/crocheting again, and have started making slow progress. Nothing has been frogged yet--thankfully. The project that is now a shrug has been torn out so many times that I was afraid I had damaged some of… Continue reading Here, there, everywhere.