nano 2019

Near the End

I'm not sure how we ended up at the tail end of November, but here we are. How was your Nanowrimo? Did you participate? As I mentioned, I'm working on an editing project this time around rather than drafting a new book. I hit 50,000 edited words last weekend, but still have about 50% of… Continue reading Near the End

nano 2019

A Nano Update on Nano

There hasn't been much going on this week. We're slowly putting the apartment together, one piece of furniture at a time. This week's new additions included a table and chairs, which means I finally have a work space to write and sew that isn't my bed (trust me, sewing in bed is a bad idea).… Continue reading A Nano Update on Nano


Ok, I Lied.

I wasn't going to do it. I was actively talking myself out of it. But I had to log in anyway to change my home region, and...well, one thing led to another and now I'm signed up for Nanowrimo. I'm rebelling this year (is anyone surprised? I feel like I do that every year) and… Continue reading Ok, I Lied.


7 Tips for Beginner Writers

Write the stories you want to read. Don't worry about what others will--or might--think. Read everything Fiction, nonfiction, books outside your genre--read it all. Learn to read critically The best way to learn how to be a better writer is to examine how the authors you love write. How do they show emotion? How do… Continue reading 7 Tips for Beginner Writers


Rules for Nanowrimo

Don't delete. Know where the story is going, even if you don't know how it's going to get there (yet) When in doubt, take a nap. It doesn't count as procrastinating if you're working through plot snags while you do it. Cookies are brain food. Have a cookie. Nothing gets words written faster than BIC… Continue reading Rules for Nanowrimo

nano 2018

Nano check in

Well, we're officially a week (plus) into Nanowrimo. How are you doing? I got off to a strong start, breaking 12k before the first weekend was over. Around that time I realized there was a structural problem with my plot that I had no idea how to fix. I added a new character, thinking that… Continue reading Nano check in


The Music of Mrs. Andrews

As some of you know, the project I'm working on for Nanowrimo this month is the sequel to OFF THE RAILS, so I'm finding myself revisiting a lot of the music I listened to when I wrote the first book, with the addition of a lot of new songs. The first time around, I listened… Continue reading The Music of Mrs. Andrews


NaNo Better Late than Never?

I decided to forego my annual training camp this year since it was getting a bit redundant, and now I'm kind of regretting it. I realized last week that the outline I wrote out two years ago was nowhere to be found. I remember handwriting at least two different copies and typing one of them, but… Continue reading NaNo Better Late than Never?


Nanowrimo Check In

How is everyone's Nanowrimo going? Getting your words in? Hopelessly behind? Already done? (Insane, I know, but I know people who can finish in two weeks! Yes, I hate them, too.) I'm sitting just about where I want to be, with a couple of extra days in the bag in case I need them later.… Continue reading Nanowrimo Check In


Nanowrimo Survival Kit

In all the years I've been doing Nanowrimo, I don't know how I managed to not make a post about my survival kit. I think I even remember drafting one before, but maybe it got rolled into a previous Boot Camp post, and it's not coming up in my search. Oh, well. Time to start… Continue reading Nanowrimo Survival Kit