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A Nano Update on Nano

There hasn't been much going on this week. We're slowly putting the apartment together, one piece of furniture at a time. This week's new additions included a table and chairs, which means I finally have a work space to write and sew that isn't my bed (trust me, sewing in bed is a bad idea).… Continue reading A Nano Update on Nano


Ok, I Lied.

I wasn't going to do it. I was actively talking myself out of it. But I had to log in anyway to change my home region, and...well, one thing led to another and now I'm signed up for Nanowrimo. I'm rebelling this year (is anyone surprised? I feel like I do that every year) and… Continue reading Ok, I Lied.


Not Nano

If you've been here a couple of years, you've probably noticed something missing from my blog the past couple of months (besides me): Nanowrimo prep. Usually I would have started my Nano Training Camp in September, working up to to the 1667 necessary in daily words to finish a novel in a month. However, the… Continue reading Not Nano


7 Tips for Beginner Writers

Write the stories you want to read. Don't worry about what others will--or might--think. Read everything Fiction, nonfiction, books outside your genre--read it all. Learn to read critically The best way to learn how to be a better writer is to examine how the authors you love write. How do they show emotion? How do… Continue reading 7 Tips for Beginner Writers

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Nano Check In: Week 2

How is everyone holding up? Don't know about you guys, but week two was rough for me. On top of everything else, I wound up scrapping the bulk of my outline and starting fresh. My new outline seems okay--so far--but we'll see how long it lasts. If I'm lucky, it'll make it to the end… Continue reading Nano Check In: Week 2


The Voice in My Head

I'm writing this on Sunday night, in between vigorous word sprints. 10 minutes here, 30 there. So far I've put in about 1800 words for the day. I'm trying--trying--to finish this draft by midnight. Why? Well, mainly because I have let far too many self-imposed deadlines fly by in the last two months. First, it… Continue reading The Voice in My Head

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Nano Check In

I put off writing today's post because I wanted to share something special. I wanted to write something meaningful, and deep, and encouraging for those that are still struggling. I've never gotten to this point after only 3 weeks before (okay, 3 weeks and two days, but whatever). But I think I'd rather sleep.  … Continue reading Nano Check In

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Nano Check in

How's it going? Have you been meeting your goals? Has the story taken a dramatic left turn that has forced you to abandon your outline and pants it? I've been trying to put in 2,000 words every day, just so that I can build up a backlog for days when things don't go so well,… Continue reading Nano Check in

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Nano Training Camp: Week 5

How is it going? I hope that you guys had better luck with your word count practices last week than I did. I had three days when I just didn't fee like writing, and two when I didn't hit my desired word count. But that is why I like doing these practice runs. It takes… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 5

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Nano Training: Week 3

What is it with this time of year? It's like kryptonite for computers. Every year around this time, one of our machines goes down. Saturday Missouri woke up to the blue screen of death on her computer, and then it refused to boot. We're currently sharing my laptop, which is apparently having hard drive issues.… Continue reading Nano Training: Week 3