Current Projects and a Finished Object

I would like to say that I missed Friday's blog post because I was busy doing exciting things, but the truth is, I was catching up on sleep. Bast has spent every waking moment trying to get out either the front or back door, convinced he can find his sister. As they are a bonded… Continue reading Current Projects and a Finished Object


What I’m Watching: Moreau House

With Moreau House about to come out, I thought it would be fun to list some of the movies and television shows I watched to get into the headspace for this book. Charmed This is an old standby. Since I own the entire series, it's usually on in the background when I'm writing fantasy of… Continue reading What I’m Watching: Moreau House


The 12 Movies of Christmas

Last year I struggled to find good Holiday movies to watch in December. I found a few new ones in the process, and tracked down some old favorites. I realize that this is probably a pretty non-standard list. What movies are on yours? 1. Little Women (1949) The first third of this movie is all… Continue reading The 12 Movies of Christmas

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Halloween Movie Marathon

A couple of weeks ago my Facebook feed was making a big deal about the ABC Family Halloween movie line up. Personally, I thought that it was a little lackluster. And then I looked at my own movie collection and though, I can do better. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'm not a horror fan.… Continue reading Halloween Movie Marathon


Movies with Writers

Editing is the hardest part of writing, in my opinion. I've been looking for something of the cinematic variety to help motivate me. Do you have a favorite writer movie or television show? Something that motivates you when you need to put your word count in, or slog through miles and miles of red ink?… Continue reading Movies with Writers


The Age of Entertainment: Postwar and 1950s

Today marks the wrap up of The Age of Entertainment. I could go on into the 60s, 70s, and even 80s and 90s, but I won't. For starters, I've already talked a lot about media from those decades (See my post about Pam Am, to begin with), but for many of you, this is getting… Continue reading The Age of Entertainment: Postwar and 1950s


The Age of Entertainment: 1930-WWII

I used to have a big interest in the 1930s, but with the way things have been for the past few years, I've shied away from anything referencing the Great Depression. One book that has stuck with me since I read it was Keep Smiling Through, by Ann Rinaldi, which is semi-autobiographical. There were some great… Continue reading The Age of Entertainment: 1930-WWII


The Age of Entertainment: 1920s

I'm going to (try to) keep this short, since I already spent an entire week talking about the 1920s this time last year, and then waxed poetic about Miss Fisher (seriously, though, if you haven't read/watched it yet, you should). The 1920s was the age of the feisty female, when women finally started to come… Continue reading The Age of Entertainment: 1920s


The Age of Entertainment: 1902-1919

The turn of the century was an exciting time, and it's one that's been in my imagination since I was a kid. One of my favorite books in elementary school (and one that I fully intend to re-read) is A Little Princess. I used to have an edition that was both it and The Secret… Continue reading The Age of Entertainment: 1902-1919


The Age of Entertainment: Victorian (1837-1901)

This is another period in history that I love reading about and watching on film, but would never survive if I were somehow transported back to it. I would last about ten minutes before being carted off to an asylum for "female hysteria" (i.e. calling someone on their BS and refusing to look decorative in… Continue reading The Age of Entertainment: Victorian (1837-1901)