Current Projects and a Finished Object

I would like to say that I missed Friday's blog post because I was busy doing exciting things, but the truth is, I was catching up on sleep. Bast has spent every waking moment trying to get out either the front or back door, convinced he can find his sister. As they are a bonded… Continue reading Current Projects and a Finished Object


Blackcurrants and Lavender

You know when you get or make a Brand New Thing, and it's perfect and you love it and you use it all the time, and then gnomes run off with it in the night, probably because they saw your love for the Brand New Thing and want it for themselves? Or possibly just to… Continue reading Blackcurrants and Lavender


Finished Object Friday

Can you believe it's been more than two months since I had one of these? April was just insane. I think I may have skipped from March straight into May. But look! There's knitting! If this pattern looks familiar, it's because I used The Age of Brass and Steam again. I love the pattern, it's… Continue reading Finished Object Friday


FO Friday

It's been a slow month in terms of knitting; only 2 things to show you this time around. I'm slowly adding edging to all of my handkerchiefs. I usually carry 1-2 with me whenever I'm in the village. My second project would not in any way ever pass for historical costuming. It was, however, bright… Continue reading FO Friday


A Mess of Finished Objects

I have been massively productive on the knitting since I went on my holiday hiatus. Most of these things are gifts, but a few I made for myself. This year was unusual, in that I actually had knitwear requests from family members. Usually they are pretty ambivalent to my knitting (I think "tolerant" might be… Continue reading A Mess of Finished Objects


The Yarny Bits

Projects finished: 4 washcloths and a headband Nothing terribly earth shattering. I've got a couple of ongoing projects: The village socks. The village season is pretty much over, but I've still got a foot  and heel to finish. I'm also swatching for a shrug. I started out really excited for this project, but now I'm… Continue reading The Yarny Bits


Northman Pattern Now Available

Currently Reading: A Good Yarn Currently Watching: White Collar The pattern for both variants on the Northman beanie are now available in the Ravelry pattern shop as a free download. I tried a slightly different style of pattern writing this time; rather than the standard CO 100 sts, work k1p1 rib for 6 rows, etc… Continue reading Northman Pattern Now Available



I started on the test knit for Northman last night. I want to make sure my math is accurate with a different number of cast on stitches, so I'm using a slightly different yarn. For this one, I'm only doing the band of faire isle at the brim (mostly because I had to double strand… Continue reading Teaser


Off the Needles

Currently Reading: Of Darkness, Light, and Fire Currently Watching: Blood Ties Since my camera cord finally made an appearance last week, I figured it was high time I post pictures of my most recent knitting projects...though I must admit, I'm starting to get a little fed up with my camera. Unless I'm outdoors, it gives… Continue reading Off the Needles


Welcome to Scotland

Edinburgh is amazing. I adore it here. I understand now why this is where so many authors have chosen to live. This morning we went to the St. James shopping center to look around. It's much more enjoyable when I'm not ready to pass out. We walked quite a ways down Princes street, looking in… Continue reading Welcome to Scotland