Check in, with Cats

I hop you are all staying well. So far, despite essentially being at Ground Zero, we are okay. Ash and I have been isolating as much as possible, but we are still both expected to go into work for the time being. I spent the weekend sewing and knitting, and you'll see some of what… Continue reading Check in, with Cats


The ABC Game

Swiped this from elsewhere, and thought it might be a fun start to the new year. Feel free to add your own answers! A - Age: Inconsequential B - Bed Size: Full C - Collections: flamingos, yarn, books, D - Dogs Name: None. 😦 E - Essential Start of the Day item: My medication F… Continue reading The ABC Game


A Minor Change

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know I'm going to be making a slight change in the schedule around here. You may have noticed that posts are still a bit erratic following my move. About 12 hours of my day is now eaten up by working and commuting, which doesn't leave a lot… Continue reading A Minor Change


What’s Old is Now New Again

Warning: This post is about to get political. I spent the 4th of July watching WWII movies. The world had become a terrifying place. In the last two years we have seen so many awful changes in the US. There's more violence. People struggle to meet ends meet as industries not supported by the current… Continue reading What’s Old is Now New Again


Two Steps Back

I toyed with several introductions to this post, but I think that I just need to come out and say i t. I am looking for a new job. As of Monday, I am unemployed. I loved my job, but for reasons that I do not want to get into, I was let go. This… Continue reading Two Steps Back



Okay, so last week got off to kind of a rocky start. Thank you all for your lovely kind words: Teeritz, Spiderwebz, Rob, Bill, and Patrick. I do have bouts of depression (not enough to actually get diagnosed as clinically depressed, but last year was the longest episode of it I've had in a really… Continue reading Reboot


The Quiet Ones: A User’s Guide

1. Yes, I am quiet by nature. This means I don't tend to engage in idle chit chat. You see, I believe that words have meaning, and I prefer to actually be saying something when I use them, rather than discussing things no one really cares about, like the weather. 2. I like people, but… Continue reading The Quiet Ones: A User’s Guide


Cat v. Mouse

I had no idea Hermes could dedicate this much attention to anything but sleep. He spent over three hours last night staring at the underside of our fridge because I suspect a mouse was hiding under it. He stared at it so long, in fact, that he forgot to wake me up at 2:30 the… Continue reading Cat v. Mouse


Treking through the lost month, burried in work. Please send knitting and novels.

I think I lost October. And my camera. So I can't take any pictures for you of my beautiful sweater back that is now about three inches from finished, or of the stack of dishclothes I'm crocheting, or the socks I'm knitting. I also can't coerce mom into modeling her sweater for the camera, though… Continue reading Treking through the lost month, burried in work. Please send knitting and novels.

college life

Lamest excuse for missing class EVER

But at least you know it has to be true. Because if I was just going to ditch, I’d make up something like, “My great aunt Gertrude got in a sky diving accident and I had to go to her funeral in Finnland,” not, “I couldn’t find a place to park.” I don’t get it.… Continue reading Lamest excuse for missing class EVER