Non-Wool Yarn Recommendations, Part II

Last week we looked at some of the different fibers available to people like myself and Ash who can't swathe ourselves in wool. This week, I'll be looking at some of the specific non-wool yarns I've used in the past for various projects, and letting you know how they worked out. Knitpicks Comfy: This is… Continue reading Non-Wool Yarn Recommendations, Part II

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Character Aesthetic: Evie Cappelli

I thought I'd do something a little different this time around, and show off some knitting and crochet patterns that remind me the characters in THE SPIDER'S WEB and THE FERRYMEN. All of these patterns are available on Ravelry. Some of them are free, some are not. And no, none of these are my designs.… Continue reading Character Aesthetic: Evie Cappelli


Best Youtube Knitting Podcasts

I feel like there's been some pretty heavy subjects on the blog lately, or maybe it's just been the world in general getting me down. So I thought I would share something a bit more cheerful. Here's a list of some of my favorite knitting podcasts from Youtube. Below, I've embedded the most recent episodes… Continue reading Best Youtube Knitting Podcasts


Crafting: 1898 Style

Our village season has officially started, and that means it's time to pick my crafting projects for the summer, the ones I'll keep in my basket to work on when I'm volunteering. What makes a crafting project okay for 1898? Obviously, Victorian women knitted, crocheted, sewed, embroidered, etc, but what other considerations does one need to… Continue reading Crafting: 1898 Style



I put off my knitting/crafting update so that I could show you some actual finished objects. Earlier this month, I went on a brief sewing binge, throwing together three basic skirts to wear to work. I am sick to death of khakis and slacks. I've never liked either of those (just listen to them. One… Continue reading Crafted


FO Friday

It's been a slow month in terms of knitting; only 2 things to show you this time around. I'm slowly adding edging to all of my handkerchiefs. I usually carry 1-2 with me whenever I'm in the village. My second project would not in any way ever pass for historical costuming. It was, however, bright… Continue reading FO Friday


A Mess of Finished Objects

I have been massively productive on the knitting since I went on my holiday hiatus. Most of these things are gifts, but a few I made for myself. This year was unusual, in that I actually had knitwear requests from family members. Usually they are pretty ambivalent to my knitting (I think "tolerant" might be… Continue reading A Mess of Finished Objects


Finished Object Friday

My mojo has just been gone this month. My knitting is slow, my reading is slow, and my writing has been slowest of all. I've only managed two small projects this month, though I hope to have another one done by Saturday night. Right now though it is just a jumble of pieces that would… Continue reading Finished Object Friday



Lately, I've been working on a surprising number of projects for other people. Usually I have a strict policy of only knitting for specific people. The few. The proud. The knitworthy. But what makes a person "knitworthy?" First and foremost, the recipient must be appreciative of the item given. Not just the finished object, but… Continue reading Knitworthy?


The Yarny Bits

Projects finished: 4 washcloths and a headband Nothing terribly earth shattering. I've got a couple of ongoing projects: The village socks. The village season is pretty much over, but I've still got a foot  and heel to finish. I'm also swatching for a shrug. I started out really excited for this project, but now I'm… Continue reading The Yarny Bits