Cat Update

Gwyd is settling in. He's affectionate, but not a snuggler. The boy loves his ear rubs, though, and will go completely boneless at the slightest hint of scritches. He and Bast have been playing together. They chase each other and wrestle, but are still learning what the boundaries are. We separate them at the first… Continue reading Cat Update


Current Projects

If you guessed I was doing a lot of knitting in quarantine, then you would be 100% correct. Unfortunately, none of my projects are what I would consider "instant gratification", so I have very little to show for it. These rainbow socks are part of a swap I'm working on with a Ravelry friend. I'm… Continue reading Current Projects


Not the Cat we were Looking For

This is Gwydion. Gwyd showed up on Friday in the trap we set to catch Morrigan (who hasn't been seen). He was clearly not feral, but also clearly had been living rough for a while. We pegged him between 8-12 months old. We didn't have the heart to let him go, so we took him… Continue reading Not the Cat we were Looking For