We have a photo!

Well, it only took two weeks and a lot of fiddling, but I finally got my new camera to work on my computer. Kind of. Actually, I found a memory card reader in the computer desk. I'd completely forgotten we had it. Either way, I'm confiscating it. So, now you get pictures: This is that… Continue reading We have a photo!

198 countries peace project

Photo Overload

Okay, I'll admit it. I forgot to take a picture of the cincher. I'll try to get one soon. It will be so nice when I have readily available internet, and don't have to go to the school. I can just pick up the camera, snap the picture, and plug it in. --- Peace Project… Continue reading Photo Overload



I just finished my socks, but I don't have a photo--cast off just in time to leave for class, and I'm here now zoning out while using the internet. But, here we have a few updates. The first foot or so of the centerpiece for the Peace Project. I still need to find some beads… Continue reading Teaser



Well, it certainly took long enough, but here is a picture of my first ever batik! It's going to be a cushion, but I can't really stuff it until I get back to the US, just for the portability of flying. This particular project had to be centered around Florence/Tuscany/Italy. What does this have to… Continue reading Blossoming