(Semi-) Monthly Goal Update

I've been neglecting this lately, so here we go: 1. Find something active to do indoors This is just a massive fail. I have had zero motivation for physical activity for months now. I know I need to do better. I know that I'll feel better if I do. But when I've got writing and… Continue reading (Semi-) Monthly Goal Update


July Goal Update

It's that time again. Let's look back and see what this year's goals where, and where things stand now: 1. Find something active that I can do indoors. Spending the past six weeks in front of the computer has really emphasized that I need to be more active, and at least do yoga more often.… Continue reading July Goal Update


Monthly Goal Update: May

For the first time...ever? I think I might be making some real progress on my goals. 1. Find something active to do indoors. This one is temporarily on hold while we have good weather, though I'm not discounting the fitness center that we have in our community. That's a good backup, but I'd like something… Continue reading Monthly Goal Update: May