Podcasts du Jour

I go back and forth on listening to audio-only podcasts. Typically, I prefer to listen to audio books rather than podcasts, but lately I've been on a huge podcast kick. It all started when I stumbled on The Ghost Story Guys on Instagram. Their Instagram isn't anything to write home about, but the podcast most… Continue reading Podcasts du Jour

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Some Notes

I just wanted to leave a couple of notes:1) The third episode of the podcast has been recorded for over a week now, but the connection at school has been bad and mypodcast.com is giving me fits, so I have no idea when it will finally be up.2) Last night while I was crocheting, I… Continue reading Some Notes

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New Stuff

Hi! I'm tired! We stayed up to marathon all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I knit through the first one, crocheted through the second, and closed my eyes through most of the third, peeking out every once in a while when I knew Will had a good line or something funny was about to… Continue reading New Stuff