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Nano Check-in: Week 1

How are you all? If you're in the US, then this past week has probably been particularly rough. I took two days off writing. I just didn't have the heart or the energy. My villain was hitting too close to home. I thought about dropping out of Nanowrimo completely. But after a couple of days,… Continue reading Nano Check-in: Week 1

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Shh. Don't tell. I really wanted to do Nano with a typewriter this year. The sterling would be perfect for just such a task, and I've been meaning to give Henry and Louis more of a workout. But once again, I caved to convenience. It comes down to one simple fact: I type faster on… Continue reading Mechanics

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Anticipation and a Half

If all goes well, I'll be hitting the 50% marker on my Nano draft this afternoon when I get off of work. I thought about forcing myself to write the 4,000 necessary words all in one go last night, but then my Amazon package arrived, including two books that I've been dying to get my… Continue reading Anticipation and a Half

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Things I’ve learned about Nano this week

1. The first 500 words are the hardest, at least for me. But once I get past that, get the ball rolling, it just becomes easier.2. Cats are terrible at taking dictation.3. If I can't have Storyist, then Scrivener is a passable substitute.4. I can't write and watch TV anymore. And writing with music is… Continue reading Things I’ve learned about Nano this week

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The Weekends, Where Do They Go?

If the typewriter forum is any indication, it's a miracle that anyone is getting any actual writing done this weekend.So far I'm ahead of the curve, but I'm not getting cocky yet, especially since I'd planned to DO THINGS this weekend, and they went down the drain rather quickly.I did get a little cleaning done… Continue reading The Weekends, Where Do They Go?

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Three days and counting

Only three days left until Nano gets into full swing. Do you have your outlines? Your notebooks? Extra ribbons? A backup drive?I've been woefully lax in my typewriter repairs. I've set the Woodstock aside for the moment, since I don't plan on using it as my primary machine. Mostly I'll be using the laptop since… Continue reading Three days and counting

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Nano Training

I mentioned last week that I set up a training schedule. It’s nothing too fancy, but after writing sporadically over the summer, I knew that I needed to work up to 1,667 words, seven days a week. This is what I came up with: As you can see, I broke it up into blocks, each… Continue reading Nano Training

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It’s That Time of Year Again

I'm back!Did you miss me?And guess what: It's that time of year again.The weather is getting cooler. The leaves are changing, if they haven't vanished already. Even though the Halloween decor hasn't been put up yet, the crazy's are already coming out, making their lists and planning how they will spend the last few days… Continue reading It’s That Time of Year Again

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Long Time, No See

I took a break from my writing break and have been working on a couple of stories that have been running through my head. The first is a sequel to "Birds of a Feather." I had another sequel written, but was very unhappy with it. We'll see if try number two is any better, or… Continue reading Long Time, No See

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Novel Preview!

Wait, it's Tuesday? How did that happen?Sorry about the delay. I had some technical issues on Monday and spend the entire day trying to fix them. Turns out it was an easy fix once I had some help, but since I'm still re-learning Windows, I was lost and thought I'd completely screwed things up.But, as… Continue reading Novel Preview!