Podcast interview!

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by Dianna Gunn for the Spoonie Authors Podcast. You can watch it on Youtube now, or follow this link for a transcript or audio-only download. We chat about disability, chronic illness, historical research, and weird stuff authors do (mostly weird stuff I do). Check it out! Like… Continue reading Podcast interview!


Video Games for Knitters

I'll admit, I'm a casual gamer at best, but I have seen several video games across platforms in the past few years that reference knitting or crafting. I haven't played most of these yet, but I'll be getting my first console in a few weeks and these are definitely on my list. Animal Crossing Pocket… Continue reading Video Games for Knitters

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Giving the Boot

...A new set of boot toppers. I love my boots. But I have a weird thing, especially with my knee high boots--I hate the sound the zipper pull makes when I walk. I'm also a bit knock-kneed, so sometimes they rub together. Enter a pair of neutral boot cuffs. I knit these using some random… Continue reading Giving the Boot


Upcoming Events

Have you checked my author pages yet? I have several events coming up soon! January 18: Introduction to Drop Spindle class at Maker's Mercantile Join me for a 2 hour introductory lesson into spinning with a drop spindle! We'll cover the quick and dirty basics to get you started asap, answer questions, and provide resources… Continue reading Upcoming Events

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Sunday Tarot

Happy Sunday, everyone! Thanks for joining me for my first tarot blog. I've always enjoyed the idea of tarot, the beautiful cards, and the idea of leaning more about the future/yourself through divination. At present, tarot plays a role in my ongoing story for Patrons, and practicing makes it easier for me to write those… Continue reading Sunday Tarot

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Would this Kill Me in the 1800s: Rh Factor

You may remember an embarrassingly long time ago, I took a poll on Twitter to see what you guys wanted to be the subject of my next WtKM1800s post to be. The winner was Rh factor. I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get to this point, but here we are at last.… Continue reading Would this Kill Me in the 1800s: Rh Factor



I feel like all I've done so far this year is appologize to everyone for slowing down, stepping back and taking a break, but I have to do it again. If you've been following my twitter feed for the past few weeks, then you might know what's coming: we're moving from Ohio to Seattle over… Continue reading Break


Writing Check In

I've been slowly pecking away at my updated production schedule. The hardest part is that things keep having to be shuffled or moved around. I might intend to work on editing one project, but my brain will have already skipped ahead to the next item on the list, a book that needs a finished draft.… Continue reading Writing Check In


Win one of 10 books!

As many of you know, my birthday is in June--the 24th to be exact. This year to celebrate, I'll be giving away 10 books on Twitter. Make sure to follow me (@knotmagick) and look out for my contests posts. I'll be giving away a total of 9 ebooks (winner's choice from my catalog) and 1… Continue reading Win one of 10 books!


A Ghost of a Chance

If you've been following me on Twitter or Litsy lately, then you probably know I've been on a major reading binge for the last month or so. I've been averaging 1 completed book every 1-2 days, which is just incredible. The last time I read this much was back before I could drive, and didn't… Continue reading A Ghost of a Chance