An Interlude

Like many of you, I'm sure, I don't know what to do in the wake of recent events. All I can do is keep moving forward, which feels callous. But I am not at the center of this conversation, nor should I be as a white woman. I have tried to use my work to… Continue reading An Interlude


Price Change

I know. No one likes a price increase. Especially right now. But sometimes, it's necessary. For every book I sell, I have to pay fees. Usually this is at least 3.5%, plus a flat fee. Part of this goes to the host site where I'm selling (WordPress, Gumroad, Etsy, Amazon), and part of it goes… Continue reading Price Change


The Dark History of Contraception

The far right-wing history of contraception might shock a few of you. I know it surprised me when I started working on this post.  Originally, I was just curious. I wanted to know when condoms were invented, and what methods were used prior to the invention of the rubber condom.  What I found was a… Continue reading The Dark History of Contraception


A Brief History of Contraception

For as long as human beings have been having sex, they've also been searching for ways to prevent pregnancy. You might think this is morally wrong. And that's fine. If you choose not to use it, that's okay. But all over the world there are people who do use it for a variety of reasons.… Continue reading A Brief History of Contraception


Pattern Diving: Dru Faust

One of my favorite things to do is figure out what my characters would wear. Even better when I can dig through the pattern library on Ravelry for historically inspired knits. All links lead back to Ravelry. All images come from their respective pattern pages and are property of the original owners. Dru 1920s Cloche… Continue reading Pattern Diving: Dru Faust


The Great Skate Experiment: Mental Health

This is a grandiose title for what amounts to me putting on skates a few times a week to crab walk across our patio and try not to fall, but go big or go home, right? And I'm already home, so I need something else to do. I wouldn't call what I do on the… Continue reading The Great Skate Experiment: Mental Health


The KnotMagick Studios Web Shop is Now Open!

That's right! Thanks to everyone's support (and a little help from my tax refund) there is now an online shop right here on where you can buy my books directly! Kindle versions of all my books are now available to purchase directly if you click on the Shop tab above. If you would like… Continue reading The KnotMagick Studios Web Shop is Now Open!


Non-Wool Yarn Recommendations, Part II

Last week we looked at some of the different fibers available to people like myself and Ash who can't swathe ourselves in wool. This week, I'll be looking at some of the specific non-wool yarns I've used in the past for various projects, and letting you know how they worked out. Knitpicks Comfy: This is… Continue reading Non-Wool Yarn Recommendations, Part II


Cat Update

If you follow my Twitter (@knotmagick) or know me on Ravelry (also @knotmagick), then you know Sunday was far too eventful for my liking. Sunday morning my mom called shortly after I woke up. We were chatting pleasantly when Bast jumped up on the bed. He was covered in poo. Turns out he's been stealing… Continue reading Cat Update


Non-Wool Yarn Recommendations, Part I

As many of you know, we have a lot of allergies here at Chez KnotMagick. Two in particular can make it quite hard for me to find knitting yarn: Wool and lanolin. I don't want to go into a lot of detail on it, but suffice to say it cuts a lot of commercial yarns… Continue reading Non-Wool Yarn Recommendations, Part I