Sleep Paralysis

Continuing with my series on spooky and creepy natural phenomenon, today we're going to talk about Sleep Paralysis, which frequently shows up in ghost stories. Never heard of it? Let me explain. You know when you go to update your computer, and it restarts four or five times, and it seems to get caught in… Continue reading Sleep Paralysis


A Nano-sized Plan for Nano

I confess, I'm still not feeling like my "normal" author self. Last year I worked on an edit of Shadow's End, which is the story currently being serialized on my Patreon (You can read the first chapter for free, and get access to future chapters as well as three other books for just $1/month). I… Continue reading A Nano-sized Plan for Nano


Cat Update

Just a few photos this time. We made it through September without incident (insert me knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder) which means it's the first time since March we haven't had at least one trip to the vet. Hopefully, October will continue this trend. So far everyone is doing well.  Our… Continue reading Cat Update


Nanowrimo Checklist

It's that time of year, when we begin stockpiling paper, sharpening our pencils, greasing up the typewriters and investing in an extra harddrive or cloud space for our computers: that's right, it's Nanowrimo season. Technically, this is just "Prep-tober", but I say the season starts early. For me, it used to start in August, but… Continue reading Nanowrimo Checklist


Who are you?

Today we're going to talk about something a little different. I thought about including this under the Mental Health Monday heading, but it's not exactly a mental health issue, though they sometimes go hand in hand. Face blindness or Prosopagnosia is an inability to recognize people by their faces. You might think it sounds ridiculous, but… Continue reading Who are you?


A Brief History of Haunted Mirrors and Photos

It's an old trope that gets trotted out this time of year. Walk through any Halloween decor section at your favorite shop, and you'll probably find a creepy plastic frame on a mirror that makes noises when you walk by, or flashes a ghostly image at the push of a button. There are even decals… Continue reading A Brief History of Haunted Mirrors and Photos


By the Grace

It is difficult enough in this age of awareness to be autistic, but in 1918 it didn’t yet exist as a diagnosis.With no vocabulary to describe her experiences or explain why certain things bother her, Julia Grace must navigate the social minefield that is Mt. Sinai School for Young Ladies. She leans on her best… Continue reading By the Grace


New Pattern!

Pumpkin Head is a slouchy cabled hat with a garter brim that is knit flat before picking up stitches to knit the crown in the round. The pattern includes instructions to adjust the size as well as guidelines for making a two-color version of the hat. There's a two button closure on the brim. Pumpking… Continue reading New Pattern!


By The Grace Pattern Dive

Next week my book By the Grace comes out, and I thought it might be good to introduce some of the characters through the knitwear. A note: All of these links go back to Ravelry, as I don't know of any other comprehensive pattern repository. Slimline Undies by Susan Crawford Julia Grace is our main… Continue reading By The Grace Pattern Dive


POC Reading List Check In

I haven't been reading as much as I wanted to for the past month or so. No, that's not quite right. I've been enjoying other media. I want to get through more books, but I haven't been in the right head space. Instead I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. But I did still… Continue reading POC Reading List Check In