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Sunday Tarot

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Thanks for joining me for my first tarot blog. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of tarot, the beautiful cards, and the idea of leaning more about the future/yourself through divination. At present, tarot plays a role in my ongoing story for Patrons, and practicing makes it easier for me to write those scenes. I read tarot mostly just for fun, so please enjoy yourself and don’t take things too seriously! And of course, don’t base any big decisions on what I or a deck of cards tell you. 🙂

If you’re new to pick-a-card readings, let me explain: Below you will find 3 stacks of cards, each with a signifier on top. Choose the stack that resonates most for you, then scroll down to the reading for that stack. These readings are pretty general, so everything may or may not apply to you. Like I said, just relax and have some fun with it.

The stacks:


Got your stack? Great! Let’s go.

20191123_175624.jpgThe Nothing

The Nothing is a lonely card, but very powerful. Like the name implies, it makes things vanish from existence–but it can also bring them back again.

Looking at your spread, this is VERY telling. What are you holding back? Your oracle cards (top row) are Harmony, Guardian Angel, and Centering. You are trying so hard to take care of others that you are neglecting yourself. You may be afraid of judgement, of “rocking the boat,” but at what cost? What is the worst that could happen if you let your true self show?

This card reminds me a little of myself in middle school and high school. I was so scared to let other people see who I was, that I was in danger of harming myself. I was tense all the time. It wasn’t until I learned to let go, to not care as much, that things got better.

You’re a very nurturing person; if you haven’t taken the harmony card to an extreme, they you are probably the “mom friend” who takes care of everyone, is organized, and makes sure things get done–always with a gentle hand. Just don’t ignore yourself!

20191123_175611.jpgMoving further down, we have your actual card reading for this week. Early in the week you might be facing some emotional challenges (5 of hearts), either just generally feeling hyper sensitive, or there may be external forces at work. That will pass pretty quickly though, as the 8 of hearts show you getting back into socializing and spending time with your flock.

Around midweek, look for some kind of change, especially financially or work related, to hit. This might be some kind of a setback, but I don’t think it will be too big of a road block for most, especially since it’s follow by the Jack and the ten of diamonds. That momentary setback will be reversed by the end of the week with some good news, and possibly a windfall of some kind, perhaps a big client signing a contract, a long awaited payment, or something else coming to you in the physical/financial realm.

20191123_175753.jpgThe Cloud

I love the cloud card because she’s super cute and playful, just like a lot of you! Your oracle cards Release, Celebration, and Playfulness show that you are a very relaxed free spirit, and the life of the party! You enjoy things like dancing, nature, and usually have a smile on your face. You’re hopelessly optimistic, even when things get you down. That is such great energy to have and to share with those around you!

With her eyes closed, however, The Cloud reminds us to take a moment to recharge and look within. When you do, you’re capable of anything.

We’re starting the week off with a big change (Ace of spades). Pay attention to how you communicate; the 2 of clubs indicates there could be a misunderstanding on the horizon that could throw your whole week off. Especially make sure you are communicating well with family, friends, and loved ones, as that appears to be where the biggest source of tension is (10 of hearts). The 7 of hearts indicates that once things clear up, you’ll have someone in your corner, a loyal and trustworthy friend. And to wind up the week, you’ll be concentrating on a big project, something that activates your thirst for knowledge and creativity (Ace of clubs).


20191123_175908.jpgThe Change

The Change card has a tendency to cause problems. Not maliciously, but he is a bit of a trouble maker! He reminds me a lot of my cat, Bast. 🙂

You enjoy having a laugh, and practical jokes are your favorite. You thrive on doing and being the unexpected, just a little off beat.

Your oracle cards of Adventure, Transition, and Trust scream this loud and clear! You’re spontaneous, love travel, and have faith that things will always turn out okay in the end. You’re great at making flying leaps of faith, in fact!

Make sure you look before you leap, though. And remember that not everyone shares your sense of humor. Sometimes a pun made in jest or a joke can startle or offend someone, making them feel unsafe. Keep that in mind this week.

This week may start out kind of rough, with some kind of loss or ending. Right next to the 9 we have the Queen of spades. She’s not a friendly woman, someone who is manipulative and doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Either she may be behind the ending, cutting something our of your life by force or causing you to lose out on an opportunity, or she’s the one that needs to be removed from your life (in either case, I suggest cutting ties if possible). While I did use the feminine pronouns for this card because it’s a queen, keep in mind that the energy could be wielded by anyone in your sphere, regardless of gender.

Showing even more support for cutting off this toxic person is the 5 of clubs. It’s time to make a change. That could me the removal of that person causing trouble for you, or it could be something as simple as learning a new skill or changing something in your habitat. I suspect it’s more cerebral/creative, however.

Lastly, we’re wrapping up the week with the Jack of hearts. The Jack is a true friend, one who is with you through good times and bad. This could be a best friend, a sibling, or a significant other. After all the ups and downs this week, make sure to spend some time with this person, especially if you are someone for whom Thanksgiving is hard.


Well, that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed your readings. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, or if you have a suggestion for a specific type of reading you want me to do!

Decks used: 

The Clow Cards
Vintage Wisdom Oracle

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