New Etsy Shop!


So am I!

My new Etsy shop, Knotmagick Studios, officially opened on Monday. I’m still working on getting everything uploaded, but right now you can find signed hard copies of my books, as well as ebooks. All purchases will get a free gift–a digital copy of THE SPIDER’S WEB.

Eventually you’ll also find my knitting and crochet patterns, but to start out I have some made-to-order skirts for different periods. To start with we have this 1950s style skirt with an elastic waistband. There are lots of different variations available, and you can see two of them here.

The next item that goes up will be another customization skirt, this one with a Victorian flair. It can be adapted for everything from the late 1860s-the early 1900s, depending on accessories, overskirts, and underpinnings.

Or you can just be a regular, everyday goth like me, and wear it to wander around cemeteries while your friends take photos.

More things will be added in the coming weeks, so I do encourage you to check back regularly.

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