Nano Training Camp 2016

I’m getting a little bit of a late start this year. Normally, I plan for about 8 weeks of training, but this year we only get 6. Doable? Definitely!

This week is our foundation week:

  • Clear the decks. Wrap up any existing projects, be they of the literary variety or otherwise.
  • Start thinking about what your Nano project is going to be. Is it something completely new? Are you rewriting/revising something from a few years ago? Writing a sequel? Are you going the traditional Nano route, or will you be writing a script, or poetry, or a short story collection?
  • Start a running to do list of anything you need to complete, purchase, or prepare. We’ll be working more with that next week.

Writing goal: 500 words per day, on any project or combination of projects.

This year, I’ll be working on the next book in my magical steampunk series, so part of my prep is going to be re-reading last year’s Nano project, the first book.