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Well, as some of you might have guessed, I had a little change up in my Camp Nano goal. I had hoped to finish writing last year’s Nano novel, Magic in the Headlines, but I kept feeling guilty because I dropped my revision of Magic in Bedlam right in the middle, after failing to meet my initial deadline of March 31. About a week into Camp Nano, I decided that I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t abandon Bedlam, and I couldn’t keep both stories straight in my head at the same time, and I didn’t have time to work on both so I decided to make Bedlam my sole project for April.

So how did I do?

Please pardon my crappy webcam picture.

That, my dears, is the submission packet for Magic in Bedlam. Polished up sample chapters, a synopsis, and a cover letter that (hopefully) doesn’t make me sound like a complete idiot.

As I was writing the synopsis I did discover four additional changes that will need to be made, but they are all minor and won’t affect anything I’m sending in. I’m popping it in the mail today after work.

Just for luck, I used the KMM to type out the address labels instead of writing everything in by hand, because my handwriting kinda sucks. (I have also established that I need a new printer, ASAP.)

So, cross your everything for me!

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