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Fleece as White as Snow. Almost.

But not quite.
This isn’t actually fleece. It’s milk fiber. Yes, milk. Like what you drink and put in your cereal. Or tea. 
Some people have shawls of shame. Others have sweaters that have sat in their PhD piles (Projects Half Done) for months…or years *cough*London Calling sweater*cough*. Me, I have spinning shame.
This fiber has been on my wheel since before we moved. Well, not quite this fiber exactly. I have several ounces of it, divided into thirds to make a three-ply yarn. The first third went on the wheel sometime last year. The second third went on last month (you can see it above). I have a bout a 1/4 or 1/3 of that third left to spin before I can start the final bump of fiber. I am determined that it will be completed before we move again at the end of November, which is coming up much faster than I would like, considering we still haven’t found a new place to live, my NaNo plans aren’t coming together, and I have a knitting book to write. 
I’d better get back to work. 
Or possibly watching anime. One of the two.