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Hey, Look What I Made!

Want to see what I made while I was “away”?

Linen stitch coasters made from my handspun
Linen stitch is probably one of my favorite stitch types. I like both the front and back of the fabric, and it works so well for handspun yarn, or yarn that tends to pool. And coasters are great for stashbusting. And protecting the furniture.

Jewelry keeper
I saw a picture of one of these on Ravelry, and had to make one. I love doing slip stitch patterns with floats like that, and the handspun yarn really lent itself to the pattern.

Bicycle saddle bag
Made from a very ugly skirt (lining) and an old scrub top. The only part of this that was actually purchased were the buckles. I have another one cut out and waiting to be sewn, but haven’t gotten to it yet.

Eric the Flamingo
Based on the main character in my short story. I just couldn’t resist. He’s freehand crochet with knitted i-cord legs. And yes, he lives on top of my alarm clock.

Dish drying mat
Because I love my granny squares and I was sick of not being able to find dish towels when I needed them. I think my parent’s dryer eats them, the way it does my socks.

I know you’ve all seen the Scarf That Shall Not Be Named. But just for fun, here it is again:
You can download the original pattern for free, but there there’s also an expansion pack with 4 additional charts to customize the pattern available for $1 (the words include Frak, Cancer, That, and Haters).

Original: download now
Expansion Pack:

I mentioned before that the FK You scarf caused quite the stir over on Ravelry (are you sick of hearing me talk about it yet?). In the wake of it’s success, I decided to put together a book of illusion patterns for the more sarcastic side of life.

Speaking of which, I want some opinions:

Originally, I was going to do a Ravelry PDF for the book. It would be available for purchase through Ravelry and this blog. I’m thinking 7-8 patterns/charts with additional charts in the back and a little technique thrown in.

But, a few other options have been suggested:
1. Ravelry PDF as described above, to be released sometime between Halloween and Christmas (with any luck). Price would be between $14-$18. (US, for those wondering)

2. Traditional publication–would probably include a better layout (more spiffy graphics), better photography, and be available at bookstores in a hard format (either paperback or hardback). Release date would be TBD, but probably not until the middle of next year. Price would also be TBD, but probably somewhere in the $18-30 for a paperback and $30+ for a hardback.

3. Kickstarter–basically a print version of the PDF (since I’d still be doing most of the work myself), with a spiral binding (to make it easy to knit directly from the book without pages flopping around), available only in limited quantities directly from the blog, probably only the US and Canada just because of shipping costs, but I might change my mind on that part later. Cost would be TBD, since I’m still kind of iffy on the whole Kickstarter thing and haven’t found a printer that looks reliable yet.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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  1. Very nice work. On your project; why not do 1 & 3 while 2 is being laid out and published?I don't know how to sew, knit or anything with the neat items you make so I may not be very good at stating a direction you could take.Thanks for sharing your work.


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