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A Moment of Weakness…

…has resulted in the purchase of a typewriter. It’s not here yet, but I’m thinking…this model is very common. It’s not really to my liking aesthetically (wrong decade, though I like the general shape, and the wrong color most assuredly), so I’m wondering: How do you in the typosphere feel about modified typewriters? Do you prefer them “stock”, just cleaned and oiled, or are you secretly jonesing for something more unique and artistic looking? Is it okay for more common machines? Not at all? What kind of modifications would you make, were to you make them?

3 thoughts on “A Moment of Weakness…”

  1. I know the experience of giving in to weakness all to well. I barely avoided having a red Remington Portable follow me home from one of the West Bottoms shops last weekend; and that only due to paint wear. Shame it will probably be chopped…A couple of my favorite type faces live on thoroughly boring machines. There is little hope for the gray on gray Royal to stay the same. However, I have been surprised at how nice crinkle finish looks after a light wash. It's amazing how much skin oil and dust gets embedded.I'd say if the machine is not rare you should make it your own. Home Depot has some stunning pearl metallic and hammertone spray paint. Personally, I would stay away from extreme makeovers, but the machine can and should reflect the owner.


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