I started on the test knit for Northman last night. I want to make sure my math is accurate with a different number of cast on stitches, so I’m using a slightly different yarn. For this one, I’m only doing the band of faire isle at the brim (mostly because I had to double strand my contrasting yarn which meant there isn’t enough for the original design). I love doing fair isle with a dark background and a variegated yarn for the pattern work. It really makes it pop.

Tigger has been with us a week now, and she is happy and healthy. She likes to sleep on our chests, but when she isn’t asleep she won’t hold still–this was the least-blurry shot I got of her this morning, out of the dozen or so I took. She purrs when she’s falling alseep, which always gives her the hiccups. It’s adorable. She’s only a little over a pound, but can purr like a Harley. It’s surprising, considering Hermes is about 11 pounds and has a nearly inaudible purr (except when he wants attention at 3am). The two of them are getting along a lot better now, and have even played once or twice. Now Hermes would just stop acting like a teenage girl and learn to share the bathroom with his little sister, everything would be peachy.