Masters of their Craft

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I did have pictures to share today, such as of the Jim Butcher book signing I went to on Friday and the aforementioned gifts from Alice, however my camera cord has apparently changed residences and did not leave a forwarding address, so until I discover which of the many desk drawers it got stuck in, text shall have to do.

The signing was great fun, even though I’m five books behind in the Dresden Files; a more detailed account can be found on Missouri’s blog. Mr. Butcher was just as funny in person as he is in print; he reminded me a great deal of Robert Downy Jr. in the first Iron Man movie.

Also this weekend, my Master Knitting Course Level 1 kit arrived in the mail. I spent last night swatching and trying to figure out how to compensate for the tension issues that show up in my knitting. I’m hoping to get started on the actual swatches this morning, maybe get one done before work if at all possible. Or at least another practice swatch. Speaking of which, work time is creeping up on me faster than I’d like and I’ve still got other things to get done this morning. So the blogging will have to end….here.