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The socks are going well. I’m about an inch away from starting the gusset increases for the heel, which is great because I haven’t read the little math section for figuring out the number of increases to do yet. Will work on that tonight or tomorrow morning most likely. Once I’m done with these I’m going to use the top-down two at a time method to re-do the test knit for the Wedding Ring Socks. They must be identical, dammit! I can’t believe I screwed them up like that…

Yesterday I went to teach Missouri how to cable, and for demonstration purposes I brought the London Calling sweater with me, since it has an example of pretty much every type of cable out there on it. When I measured the side I’m working on against what has already been done, I discovered that I still have at least six inches before I have to fiddle with the decreases for the shoulder, so I really don’t remember why this project ended up in the bin for so long. Since I managed to do a repeat and a half yesterday, I’m hoping to have the right front done in the next week or two, so that I can start the sleeves. In the mean time, I need to take out that horrible seam connecting the left front and the back. Mostly, I was trying to make sure that all of my cables lined up and that I didn’t have massive gauge failure or something, but that’s a pretty ugly seam. Question: how do you seam two pieces in reverse stockinette? I have directions for regular stockinette, which I could conceivably use, but they all say to keep the work right side up, and since the knit side is actually the wrong side in this case, I’m not sure what to do with it.

Well, it can wait. I believe the directions actually call for seaming the shoulders and the sleeves first, and I think those will be a bit easier since I won’t have to worry about mimicking stitches.

I might even get this baby done in time for cooler weather.

P.S. I updated the blog list on the left hand column to reflect all of the new blogs I’ve started reading in the last few weeks. We’ve got knitting, we’ve got typewriters; sewing/steampunk/design, and some that are just plain funny. So if you’re looking for something interesting to discover, or just something to read, check out that list.