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Currently Reading: The Poisoner’s Handbook

I finally managed to get a shot of the finished corset arm warmers, and I’ve got the pattern up on Ravelry. Like my other patterns, it is currently available for free, and can be downloaded directly from the site (if you checked out my patterns earlier, and were concerned about having to go through a third-party website, that glitch has now been fixed).

My next project is a pair of socks. The first one is 3/4 done, closing in on the toe now. You know what the great thing about stuff that comes in pairs is? I can do a draft of the pattern on the first on and test/revise it on the second one. Saves so much time.
So has anyone else read the latest issue of Writer’s Digest? It’s all about food and travel writing. It’s giving me that travel bug itch again. Then the other day at work an associate, who also lived in Europe for a while, got me talking about it and we swapped stories about the places we’d been. Looks like I have another travel buddy if I want one. 🙂

I keep writing down all of my ideas for a travel blog and setting them aside for later use. Anyone want to weigh in with their thoughts on the subject? Would you read if I had a travel blog? What information would you like it to have? What about just doing one post a week on the subject, right here?