It’s been a while since I posted anything with content, hasn’t it?

So, what have I been doing in July? Well, I’ve been waiting to hear back from various literary agents for a start. And can I just say how rude and annoying it is when their form of rejection is “if we don’t send you a response, it means we aren’t interested?” I mean, come on, how about a little courtesy here! Even a form letter would be nice, just so I could move on to the next person on my list instead of waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

But anyway. That’s not the only iron I’ve got warming by the fire right now. I decided that I have too many craft projects going (because I had a bad case of startititis a couple of weeks ago) so I’ve been systematically going through and finishing things. I finished up a baby blanket yesterday, then took the leftovers and made some coasters (because I’m completely anal about my desk and I can’t stand the thought of water marks on it, and hey, I had some scrap), and later this week I’ll probably finish up a second baby blanket. Both of these are for donation, by the way.

Then, I can go back to working on the sweater I was knitting. I swear, I keep knitting and knitting on it, and it never gets anywhere. This is not a good feeling since I still have about six more feet of knitting to do on just the front (no joke. It’s a hoodie, so the right front goes up and becomes the hood, then wraps down around onto the left side. I haven’t even begun the sleeves or back yet).

Another project I’m working on right now is my Etsy store. Unless the agent I’m waiting on now gives me a favorable response, I will be opening up shop on September 1 with an all new selection of handspun yarn, as well as E-Books! I will be offering the books in PDF and Kindle formats (others if I can wrangle the conversion–still working on the technical details).

I’ve actually got several other projects going at the moment, but they are things I can’t/won’t talk about here.

I just remembered that I haven’t taking pictures of *anything*, so I’m going to go do that so I can post them tomorrow or whenever I have enough to talk about again. Ciao!