One page at a time

I managed to get through a chapter and a half, and then I dumped Heat Wave. It really just wasn’t doing anything for me, so now I’m trying to finish up A Touch of Dead before we start the drive up to Montreal on Friday. I only have one or two more stories left in it, so if I can manage to sit down long enough to read it, it should go quickly.

I keep meaning to have these great, well thought out blog posts with lots to say, but lately, there just hasn’t been much to say. I go to work, I write, and in between I watch movies, knit and spin. Right now nothing I’m knitting or spinning is terribly interesting, and I don’t have any photos (Note to Self: take pictures of knitting. And while you’re at it, update Ravelry).

I did start a new story the other day. It’s based off of a dream. I cranked out about seventeen pages in a day (which for me is a lot), then all of my ideas for it skittered out of my head while I was asleep. Go figure. Just means I’ll have to do a little more work for this one than I first thought.

Mom and I are off to go garage saling (is that a word?). And here is another little comic for your reading enjoyment–this one is my favorite.

On my ipod: Minority–Greenday
In the DVD player: Charmed, season 5
On the night stand: A Touch of Dead