college life


Well, it’s official. I’m graduated, and have joined the ranks of the working adult (*snort*). The day before the ceremony, my graduation present to myself (ordered a couple of months ago) arrived in the mail. You can veiw him here (You may need a Den of Angels account in order to see the thread).

I won’t tell you how much I raked in from my graduation party. I will, however, tell you that I ordered a Mac Mini and a new printer (the printer was free, by the way, once I send in the rebate), so you can do the math on your own. Mac makes me squee.

So far, being Graduated isn’t that exciting. Especially since I requested to start working 40 hours and am stuck with 18-25, which is exactly what I was putting in during the school year (that sinus infection? Totally a result of working 7 days a week for two months immediately after having my wisdom teeth out).

I started knitting again. I’m making a sweater out of the Spa yarn at JoAnns (is that Carron? I think it might be. It’s bamboo/cotton/acrylic). I’m about halfway done with the first sleeve. Pictures when it’s a little more exciting.

Speaking of excitement…I have none. See you when I do.