The Countdown is On

All of my finals are officially over. Don’t ask about Art History, because I don’t really want to talk about it. I won’t even find out how I did until I’m back in the US, so I can’t really appeal my grade if it sucks (which I suspect it does).

But anyway. I have one last class today, but I’ll just be picking up my batiks. Then I have four days with nothing to do but packing and cleaning, followed by two days traveling. I’m not looking forward to the flight. I enjoy the act of flying, but I detest airports and security and TSA personnel. If they were in any other profession, they would be fired for the way they treat people, but because they are government employees, they can get away with anything. That new behavior analysis stuff they’re supposed to be doing is stupid. You have a million people trying to get to their flight on time while these security people search their things. they’re worried they’re going to miss their flight, or that they forgot to take the file off their nail clippers, or what if my carry on knitting is considered a weapon? All the TSA people see is a nervous person, and thus they get flagged for extra security.

(To avoid that last part, I’m taking crochet.)

My last writing class was yesterday. Alice recorded a great video of two of our classmates presenting their work. Eventually, they will make their way onto youtube. Do a search for “SACI Anthem.” I don’t like rap, but I was cracking up during this presentation. (I’m in that video, by the way. When she was panning around, she got a close up of a homely girl in a black hat. That’s me. Ignore it.)

I think that’s it for me. You might get one or two more updates between now and the time we get to the airport, or you might not. I probably won’t have much to say.

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  1. I’m happy to know you. I hope to meet you in raverly sometime. MirellaSpero che ti rimanga di Firenze un buon ricordo, che tu possa realizzare i tuoi progetti. Buona fortuna e Buon ritorno a casa!


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