Catch Up

Once again, I find myself behind in my picture taking. Stupid camera. Always running out of batteries. I need to get one of the fancy ones like my uncle has that uses a cell phone battery that lasts for about two months.


Turkish Rib Tank: I’m just getting ready to start the sleeve shaping on the front. It’s on hold until I finish my socks though. The socks are eating my soul.

First Ever Socks: I just started the leg of the second sock last night. The foot has a weird striping thing going on, which is funny because I’m using the same ball of yarn from the first sock, but there’s absolutely no striping on that one. For some reason, the foot on this sock seems to be slightly shorting, and the heel is coming out weird. I got it to fit, but it’s still not 100% identical to the first sock (even without the stripes). But hey, they’re my first pair. I’m still playing.

Jeans skirt: I started cutting up a worn out pair of jeans last night. I’d worn a hole through the inside of the thigh, but I’m afraid to throw away my jeans because I don’t exactly fit the typical Florentine body type: 4’10” size zero, or 5’11” size zero. And most of the places I’ve seen with jeans don’t have changing rooms (oh, the plight of shopping outdoor markets). So, I tore out the inseams and sewed in some iridescent blue fabric to make a skirt. I’m wearing it as we speak, and I love, love LOVE it.

Hopefully I’ll get those pictures up soon. I’m also working on the video for my Rome trip, so you’ll be able to see those pictures…Oh, by this weekend, I think. I only have a couple more little cue cards to make, and then I can put it on youtube.

Finals start tomorrow. Not a big deal, because the only final I have is for Art history. I’ve already got my review sheet, and the review session is going to be tomorrow night. Other than that, I’ve got a critique in batik, and that’s all. My writing teacher is an anarchist, and is opposed to exams. 😀

Well, I’m going to go off in our lovely, warms sun, and try to find some fresh air in which to study the Ninja Turtles.