Cabled Laptop Cozy

I’m only a little behind. This is the “finished” image of my laptop cozy. I’ve attempted several times to make one in the past, but it always ended up frogged. This time around, I was determined to make it work.


Times frogged: 4 for this attempt, at least twelve overall.
Yarn: 1 skane of red heart acrylic (one of the last skanes of such remaining in my stash! I’m almost free! The end is near!)
Needles: 6mm straights (that’s a US 8, I think)
The how to: Cast on enough stitches to cover laptop long-wise. Purl ten stitches, move three to cable needle, put needle in back. Knit three, knit from cable needle, purl until there are 16 stitches left. Move three to cable needle, hold in front. Knit three, then knit from cable. Purl remaining stitches. On the wrong side, knit purl stitches, purl knit stitches. Cable every four rows.

When there is enough material knitted to cover the front of the laptop, switch to reverse stockinette with a seed stitch boarder (four stitches). When both sides are of equal length, begin work on the flap by decreasing at the beginning and end of every right side row. For the trim, pick up a stitch, knit, pick up another stitch (there should be 2 now), k, p, pick up stitch (3), k, p, k, pick up stitch (4), k, p, k, p, pick up stitch (5), k2tog. Continue picking up stitches every four rows, knitting the picked up stitch with an existing one so that you keep 4 on your needles at all times. Work in seed stitch all the way around the flap. When you get back to the other side, decrease to create a mirror image of where you started. Sew up seams and add buttons (my buttons are not shown because I took this picture a few days ago and found my buttons by accident last night).