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Knitted Stuff

It’s another knitted pot!

I call this the “sweater for a dragon” pot, after the “Sweaters for Dragons” podcast I found on Itunes. I love the podcast, but it hasn’t had a new episode since the second week of November. *tear* Everyone should look it up and leave messages for updates! 😛

I’ve also been doing actual knitting. This is the first foot or so of the Slytherin scarf I’m making for my roommate. I know, it doesn’t follow the movie pattern, but I like mine better.

I’ve also been working on the kimono sweater. I’m almost ready to start decreasing for the sleeves.

All of our flights, rail passes, and hostels/hotels have been booked and paid for (or at least deposited). I am in debt up to my eyeballs, and I think I’m going to have to ship the bulk of my luggage, but it’s fun. I’m downsizing a good deal of what I was planning on bringing. I’m praying I manage to make some money between now and then, and will be putting in extra hours at the library during the first part of winter break.

I still don’t know if I’m coming back. Part of me is afraid that if I don’t book a ticket now, I’ll run out of money and be stuck in Europe. The other part of me doesn’t want to come back. And the annoying part of my brain is still wondering how I can commit to moving to a country I’ve never been to before, with no job, and at present, no Visa. I’ve been having a horrible time getting my paperwork from various companies and the school, and I’m having a worse time getting a hold of the consulate. I’m hoping I don’t have to drive to Detroit this week, though it would be a good excuse to skip class.

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